Our Company ...

ALUCOLOR employs ...

  • latest testing methods for determination of the beam load arising during warping process
  • computer controlled beam construction equipment


ALUCOLOR supplies ...

  •  beams of guaranteed superior quality and highest safety standard
  • beams with a mono-part design with high grade welding junction points 
  • beams with the highest tolerance standard and most precise running properties
  • beams with anodizing treatment as protection against corrosion and damage
  • beams with individually marked flanges if required


Since 2010 is the company`s headquarters, after moving from cologne, in wermelskirchen. Through over 50 years of corporate existence is the production of warp beams on a wealth of experience and therefore highly professional approach.




steintex GmbH

Industriestraße 12-16

42929 Wermelskirchen



Tel: +49 2196 72900 - 18

Fax:+49 2196 72900 - 10

e-mail: info@steintex.de